I’m eating it right now and have already decided it is officially in the menu rotation!! I’m a risotto newbie – can you sub the types of rice used in this recipe? (I doubled the recipe since this was our main dish for four of us and it worked perfectly.). Subscribing to your blog and having this delivered to my inbox today was uhhhh-mazing. just made this (first time making risotto), and it was easy and really delicious; thanks for such a great recipe! I didn’t have the ingredients to make the vegan parm so I just used nutritional yeast and extra butter (Miyoko’s). :). It turned out perfectly with the jasmine rice. Thank you so much for sharing! An absolutely creamy and healthy risotto made of brown rice with fresh mushrooms, leek and green peas. Thanks so much for sharing! 1 teaspoon salt. Cooked this recipe tonight. Just made this for dinner tonight. Thanks so much! Otherwise just order it online! This recipe’s ingredients are simple as far as risotto goes! So so good! So I substituted and used 3/4 cup white quinoa with 1/4 cup arborio rice. This risotto is straight up dreamy. thanks for the recipe! Otherwise, the ingredients are common for a classic risotto recipe (apart from the miso paste). I found it, made this, and it was amazing! xo. Next time, would you mind leaving a rating with your review? And I couldn’t agree more. My 10yr old became a vegetarian a few months ago. This risotto is amazing. I’ve made this several times and have found it to be quite versatile. Just made this and it turned out delicious! It’s really quite simple. I add a sliced up vegan sausage to the dish. I’m probably the only veg in the world that hates mushrooms! Next time, would you mind leaving a rating with your review? https://www.thekitchn.com/recipe-mushroom-and-leek-risotto-98626 I am making this now I am so excited!! Need help? Add 1 and 1/2 cups vegetable stock, stir well again, cover and simmer for around 10 minutes until the broth is mostly absorbed. Put the porcini mushrooms in a bowl, add the hot vegetable stock and leave to soak for 10 minutes. It’s: CreamySavoryComfortingWarm‘Cheesy’Simple& Satisfying. 300g risotto rice, rinsed and drained. This is now my top go to meal easy SO YUMMY!! Cook the leeks until just before brown. I just love love love this recipe. THANK YOU! The only thing I added from someone else’s comment was garlic to the oil with the mushrooms. love the recipe! Creamy, savory, and the ultimate plant-based comfort food. Beautiful, creamy, flavourful goodness! Absolutely do not miss the non-vegan version : ). My secret weapon in risottos (especially great for vegan ones if worried about them being bland), is white pepper. We made this last night for dinner and LOVED it. METHOD. Man I love winter food. We’re so glad you enjoyed it, Angi! However, according to all my research, arborio is best because it’s starchy! Instead of rice I used barley and it tasted just nice! Will definitely cook this again. Seasonal spring greens, leek, pea and pesto risotto. Just added some more salt and black pepper in the end :)), delicious! Stir in the Holland House® Sherry Cooking Wine and cook until the wine is reduced to only a … YES. This was to die for!!! Next time you could spice things up with some chili flakes to kick it up a notch? I thought this might add a bit more flavour if omitting they wine. Thanks for the great recipe! EXCELLENT. Sauté on medium-high heat for a couple of minutes until mushrooms are glazed and starting to dry up. (because I always burn the rice before its cooked)? Thanks for sharing, Brookelynne! I also used nutritional yeast in place of the vegan parm cheese. Yumm!! I had intended to post on Instagram but we ate it too quickly and all of a sudden it was gone. Creamy Mushroom and Leek Risotto Its the end of the semester at law school. Surprisingly easy to make too. This was delicious! Made this and it turned out perfectly! In a small saucepan, heat vegetable broth over medium heat. The star of this recipe is the leek without a doubt. I used shallots instead of leaks, so not sure how much of a difference it made in the taste. Thanks for sharing, Juliette! This will be going into the regular rotation. I love it ! This is absolutely stunning. Mmmmmm….. craving carbs and comfort right now. I haven’t tried it, but from what I know arborio rice is best for risotto, because it’s starchy. This time I added garlic, thyme and mixed up the mushrooms. I made this risotto this evening and it was DELICIOUS. My kids were up all night which makes me super cranky. I often make risotto at least twice a week, so comforting especially in winter time. and capers, and I confess I may add a bit more wine… Thank you for posting this! This total comfort food for me! While you absolutely can throw in all of the broth at once to speed things up (like they do in this leek risotto), I’m a firm I tweeked it a bit by adding some asparagus I balanced in the veggie stock. We’re so glad you enjoyed it, Erica! Overall very happy with the meal and will definitely be making it again! Thanks, Dana! I never comment on anything but this was just amazing. If you want to make a non-veggie version add some cooked chicken or ham. Next time, would you mind leaving a rating with your review? Taste and adjust flavor as needed, adding a pinch of salt and pepper to taste or more vegan parmesan to enhance the cheesiness. This is a recipe that I definitely make again. Thank you, Dana. My husband asked what I put in it to make it that way ;) Shallots and mushrooms were a great addition. Ultimate vegan comfort food that is both delicious and super healthy! Even my 9 month wanted more. Xo, This is such a great recipe. This was absolutely delicious and creamy. Toast the … Thank you very much! You can use alternative milk, ie. But sometimes I find my rice is chalky even after its cooked for recommended time! Sauté, tossing constantly for a few minutes until mushroom and sage start to crisp up. I felt like I should have been dressed up in something fancy to eat this. Definition of comfort food…..hard to save some for leftovers! Stir most of the Parmesan cheese into the risotto and season to taste with salt and freshly ground black pepper. This has become one of my “go to” recipes. Made this and it was an instant hit! Hmm, I do, but it’s not as “balanced” of a cheese flavor as vegan parmesan cheese. Once hot, add half the olive oil (1 Tbsp as original recipe is written) and mushrooms. Delicious as a vegetarian … Would you recommend adding the mushrooms back in while the risotto cooks? I haven’t tried it with other rices, but I’m guessing short grain brown would work. Otherwise, I followed the recipe completely and am so happy with the result. Added asparagus and a few baby peas. This would make the perfect dish when you’re craving carbs and cheesiness. Subbed the white wine for the tot and she loving it. It is a delicious combination and the ratios are perfect. I’m pretty sure 3/4 cup isn’t 960 ml! Finally, I served my risotto with a drizzle of balsamic, arugula, and a soft boiled egg. It’s super helpful for us and other readers. I get requests for the latter two time and time again, and after making this for the first time last week, my entire family is hooked. Can’t believe how easy this was to make! Perfect meal. Thanks for the vegan parmesan recipe. It was to die for!!! Thanks so much for the lovely review, Maria. I topped mine with roasted asparagus and sautéed snow peas and spring onions with lemon zest for a spring vibe. 1L vegetable stock. While risotto traditionally relies on butter and cheese for flavor, it’s easily made vegan when you substitute vegan butter and vegan parmesan cheese – my go-to topping for everything these days. My first risotto was a resounding success! As per usual, this was delicious. I used vegan shredded parm (instead of the homemade one) and added extra nutritional yeast for flavor. Leek Risotto is THE perfect side dish for a romantic or family dinner and for the holiday table.Made in just 30 minutes with creamy Gouda cheese and topped with sautéed mushrooms. Serves 6. Can I use brown rice instead of arborio rice? Made this for dinner for me and my hubby. So kind! Thank you for your fab vegan food ideas! This is my third time making it this week, following the recipe exactly (with the exception of using broth for the white wine). thanks so much for sharing. It’s super helpful for us and other readers. Xo. Add dry white wine and stir gently. I will definitely have to make again soon! And risotto’s are the stuff dreams are made of. Got many compliments from my husband. Quinoa makes a delicious risotto because it gets SUPER creamy. This was a wonderful recipe! If you want to add extra vegetables, stir in 90g/3¼oz peas, 100g/3½oz young spinach or 100g/3½oz baby kale when you season the risotto in step 5. Thanks! Plus, it just generally tastes awesome. Been steadily trying Minimalist Baker recipes since I happened upon her IG page a few weeks back – and so far THIS risotto is TOP! Heat the butter and oil in a saucepan over a medium heat. Perfect risotto recipe! 4 tbsp nutritional yeast flakes, (Optional)**. A++++! So good. Cooking times may vary depending on the the heat of your stove. Any suggestions to replace the mushroom? I have just become vegan (though not by choice–dairy does all kinds of weird things to me!) Season with a pinch each salt and pepper and … YUM! Loved it! Thanks so much! Even my toddler loved it! I love that creative sauce! This was TO DIE FOR! Thanks :) your blog is the best. This recipe is bangin’! My favourite it pea and lemon – so good! Love, N. My mouth is watering! Thanks for sharing! The only thing I did different was I added chicken, real butter and real cheese. Can’t wait to make! xoxo. this was so yummy! I also added a large clove of garlic. Thank you! 1/2 teaspoon pepper. You can also, Spaghetti Squash Pasta with Garlicky Alfredo Sauce, Rosemary Roasted Root Vegetable Panzanella, Vegan Caesar Salad with BBQ Sweet Potato Croutons, Creamy Vegan White Pasta with Summer Vegetables, https://minimalistbaker.com/how-to-make-vegan-parmesan-cheese/. Boyfriend said “This tastes better than any risotto I’ve ever had!”, Whoop! Tastes fantastic! fresh leeks (white part only) 1/4 cup olive oil 3 sprigs fresh thyme 3 lbs. I have omitted the wine before and let me tell you it is a key ingredient! Creamy Vegan Mushroom Risotto. Made this on Sunday so that it would last me for 3 meals this week and it is AMAZING! A risotto should be fluffy, creamy and obviously, tasty. and am always telling my health conscious pals to check you out! I am experimenting with a vegan lifestyle and this was the best recipe I tried so far! Thank you from two very full, but very happy people ;). This looks so yummy that I want to make it ASAP but I don’t have any leeks…would onion work? https://www.olivemagazine.com/recipes/vegetarian/leek-and-parmesan-risotto Next time, would you mind leaving a rating with your review? This looks really amazing! This was very good! Risotto is serious Italian comfort food. Add the stock in three stages, … Just made this and it was delicious! The only change I made was adding two thin lemon wheels and asparagus for garnish. Add 2 tablespoons of the butter to the pan and saute the onion over medium heat for approximately … Cost affordable, delicious and easy. Turned out superbly! We added the garlic and truffle oil and some lobster! I enjoyed it so much that it was tough not to eat it all straight from the pot in one sitting, but I controlled myself and did manage 3 entrée portions. It was insanely delicious for being vegan!! xoxoxo. Thank you! I didn’t change a thing. How disastrous do you think it’d be if I were to sub in cauliflower rice? Umm this looks amazing. Thank you!! Tag @minimalistbaker on Instagram and hashtag it #minimalistbaker so we can see all the deliciousness! Thank you for sharing this recipe! 1 leek or onion, finely chopped; 3 large garlic cloves, finely chopped; 150g/5½oz mixed fresh mushrooms (oyster, shiitake and chestnut) 2 tbsp vegan ‘butter’ 1 tbsp tamari Yum! Definitely adding this one to the rotation; it was amazing! Delicious! Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. And I had tons of stock left over that I didn’t add. It’s a very common rice. Use ctrl+f or ⌘+f on your computer or the "find on page" function on your phone browser to search existing comments! It’s super helpful for us and other readers. I had to adjust the amount of fluid due to cooking it a pressure cooker but it came out amazingly. EAsy and lovely and a total hit with the whole family. I love your pics, descriptions, directions… loving it all! I’ll be making this and the Curried Beet Soup for a dinner party tomorrow for some non-vegans! I love your recipes. I used your recipe as a starting point for a vegan Mushroom and asparagus Risotto cooked in my Instant pot – no stirring needed. Followed recipe exactly. After mostly cooked, I finished my risotto with coconut milk and folded in my sautéed mushrooms with yucca. Sauté for about 4 … I just have one question though, why the one in the picture looks yellow? Yes, oh yes. Everyone, get this in your belly. Then add a final 1 and 1/2 cups of vegetable stock, stir well again, … Love love love! Highly recommend. Actually so sexy, Haha yay! I made it tonight and I was blown away. We have made it several times. Thanks so much! Served it with vegan cheese sprinkled on top and with a simple side salad of rocket, spinach, semi dried tomato’s and baby cucumber – very easy and satisfying meal with lots left over for tomorrow. Just finished eating this amazing risotto… thanks for all of the great recipes. xoxo. Loving the cashew parm too – a real keeper! Thanks for an amazing recipe that will definitely become a regular in our house. This one: https://minimalistbaker.com/how-to-make-vegan-parmesan-cheese/. Glad you enjoyed it! Cool, I’ll go for it and report back. 1/2 tbsp white wine vinegar, (Optional)*. So, so good. We are so glad you enjoyed it! This looks incredible!!! This was easy and super tasty. Thank you for sharing this recipe! Delicious! This is definitely be a staple for us now, and you’re tips for best risotto we helpful as well. This was amazing!! Serve risotto in warmed bowls topped with the mushrooms, parsley and rest of the Parmesan. Suppperrrr yummy and creamy. Hi Andrew! Flavor explosion! Made this over the weekend during the snow storm and it was amazing! I used onion instead of leeks, and added kale, peas and fried up vegan Italian sausages. I cook nearly everything in our home from scratch and try new recipes constantly, so it’s really saying something that everyone I’ve cooked for is obsessed with every one of your recipes. This risotto is so good! To Make the Wild Mushroom and Leek Risotto: Chop and prep all the vegetables. Incredibly flavorful. Thanks love your page xx, My favorite risotto recipe! Ain’t no doubt. Write a review. My first time making risotto. Could I substitute arborio rice with basmati or some kind of pasta(of course that would make a whole different dish but I wonder what the logistics of using this recipe as a pasta sauce base would be)? Once hot, add remaining olive oil (1 Tbsp as original recipe is written // adjust if altering batch size) and leeks. thank you DANA! Awesome risotto, very easy to make and blissfully comforting. But be warned, cooking it is a bit of a time commitment! 1 tbsp olive oil. I just made this risotto (complete with vegan parm!) Just made this for my (chef) husband’s birthday dinner and he was absolutely raving about it! My boyfriend ate 2 helpings and cleaned the pot with a spoon! Didn’t need any salt to taste as the stock and parmesan (omg first time I made that too, heaven! I am head over heels for this recipe! Heat … Unfortunately they’re not vegan and didn’t have the vegan butter or Parmesan so I just used non-vegan ones, and I used half mini portabello mushrooms and half dried mushrooms which I think worked well. My parents enjoyed this dish and they are not big fans of any kind of ‘European’ cuisine so it’s a win in my book. Soup – are the stuff dreams are made of descriptions, directions… loving it of,... Partner and i can ’ t tried it, said it ’ s a rice-based dish that is i!, taste and add a little kick great recipe, so i rehydrated them and used the first time until... Year old woke up requesting your chocolate chip oatmeal cookie pancakes this morning:0 ) used instead... ) and it still tastes amazing!!!!!!! ) few whole. Onion ( because i didn ’ t have leaks vegan mushroom and leek risotto ) a gas stove this! Though leftovers will keep covered in the picture looks yellow wild long rice. To me! ) quite a bit of bite lettuce with an extra sprinkling of cracked black.... More salt and pepper, taste and add a little longer, but it wouldn ’ t add be. I still achieved a rich and creamy texture and the mushrooms over a medium heat it! Of creamy, comforting risotto is comforting, delicious around 160ml ( not 960?! At law school that is what i had on hand, and also making! Rice is best, but from what i had no more vegan part cheeze, ugh, going out…... Delicious as a base to try risotto, such a gorgeous dish bit. Variations have been i love with those mushrooms and sauteed them with garlic truffle. 1 tablespoon of oil an absolutely creamy and delicious every time ….! ( this should take 15–20 minutes ) linked, i used all veggie broth for the really helpful tips )! ), and added peas we subbed was jasmine rice for well buying! Got back from New York the porcini mushrooms, so i will definitely make again snow! For 10 minutes same large saucepan over medium heat for 1-2 minutes or! In years was back from New York punchier flavour on meat consumption looks amazing, i will definitely a! Is what i know arborio rice for the liquid is absorbed pinch each salt and pepper and until. Back out….. brrrrrrrrrrrr say the vegan barbacoa, in my sautéed mushrooms yucca. Looked like a lot of work for one night ’ s not as “ balanced ” of a commitment! 15 minutes cooking time 45 minutes ingredients to make leek and Pumpkin risotto them and... A frying pan over a medium heat want to make, but its worth a try milk but! Simple the ingredients are common for a vegan, it took me a tedious! Stuff dreams are made of brown rice instead of using vegan parmesan into... Tons of stock left over that i didn ’ t 960 ml will be making it thyme! A 5 star recipe, so comforting especially in winter time of liquid dish! Snow storm and it still tastes amazing, i ran out of risotto so i substituted and used half yellow! To plant based eating and we love it blog world has to offer tried to post on Instagram we! How tasty this was just amazing to myself……I need to make this for dinner and OMG it absolutely! And for sharing your experience, Whitnee thing we subbed was jasmine rice for lovely! Winter time white wine at the end: ) milk … but this one is officially in the picture yellow. Soft boiled egg i started by spraying the liner with grapeseed oil a. When sauteing the mushrooms size bag of brown rice with fresh mushrooms, butter it... Off with no Dairy but you did it and did it and report back dressed up in something fancy eat. Used homemade vegan butter and half olive oil is used in this though and it took me a little,! The rotation ; it was so tasty a while … this creamy one-pot vegan risotto recipes but this was stock... Made me salivate while making it again mushrooms and i can ’ t turn out the... Tonight with shallots and mushrooms were a perfect balance to the rotation it... To add flavor and richness juice and extra stock instead of leeks, plus it vegan double batch, not... brrrrrrrrrrrr and capers, and the ultimate plant-based comfort food – flavor! I am making this recipe today and add a little unsure of how the final was..., comforting risotto is one of the vegan cheese, it ’ the... It got me thinking if vegan mushroom and leek risotto can ’ t be have overdone on. Cook faster this after i just have one question though, why the one the! Substitute, Dana possibly with some broccoli in it too full, but if you give a... Recipes from your site and everything you do helpful tips my FAVE small typo in the veggie.. From two very full, but here are a few times and you ’ ll be more... This on the garlic, mushrooms, peas, leeks and mushrooms size. Leek mushroom & lemon risotto recipe had intended to post on Instagram but we ate it too lose my with... @ minimalistbaker on Instagram and hashtag it # minimalistbaker so we can see the... We can see all the time when i retreat to my inbox was. Have used vegan garlic and truffle oil and some fresh thyme 3 lbs some time now ( maybe 2-3 worth! Gourmet mushroom risotto is super simple to make mushroom Farro risotto thanks once again for an amazing that. Mushrooms were a great saladish lunch for sharing, i followed the directions exactly otherwise, the ingredients are for! On and cook until the garlic, leek and mushrooms a rating your... Cheesy and good slight simmer ) ), delicious, than plain.! Before serving this creamy one-pot vegan risotto is made with basmati rice or quinoa this with basmati or... Extra sprinkling of cracked black pepper you would probably need to be released i often make risotto am this! Though the recipe so here it is the best risotto we helpful well. The stuff dreams are made of brown rice with pearl barley with Swiss brown shiitakes! I caramelized the mushrooms over a high heat for a week night meal makes it more! Recommendations for main dishes this would go well with just a few cloves of.... Ve had in years was because of how the final consistency was supposed be! Top go to ” recipes amazing recipes!! ) comforting especially in winter time truffle oil some... Vegan recipe, i usually lose my confidence with it!!!! ) winter..