Due to a shortage of power plants, instead of a DB 600, a BMW "Hornet" engine was fitted. The first task of the Korps was to attack British shipping passing between Sicily and Africa. The only further significant difference between the A-1 and A-2 was the H-PA-III controllable-pitch propeller. Chief of Procurement General Walter Herthel found that each unit needed 100 Ju 87s as standard strength and an average of 20 per month to cover attrition. Demoralised, the Poles surrendered. Testing was given just two months and was to begin in February and end in April 1938. [87], On one occasion, six Polish divisions trapped by encircling German forces were forced to surrender after a relentless four-day bombardment by StG 51, 76 and 77. - junkers ju 87 stuka stock illustrations The Junkers Ju 87 or Stuka two-man German dive bomber and ground-attack aircraft. (St), Sturzkampfgeschwader 1's III. [37], The first production version was the Ju 87 B-1, with a considerably larger engine, its Junkers Jumo 211D generating 1,200 PS (883 kW, 1,184 hp), and completely redesigned fuselage and landing gear. The Junkers Ju 87 Stuka (derived from Sturzkampfflugzeug, “dive bomber”), was a two-man German dive bomber and ground-attack aircraft that served with the Luftwaffe during the Second World War. Submit Close. As a result, by the outbreak of World War II, the Luftwaffe had 336 Ju 87 B-1s on hand. This was an important consideration as the life expectancy of a Ju 87 had been reduced (since 1941) from 9.5 months to 5.5 months to just 100 operational flying hours. The pressurised cabin was of great importance during this research. The Stukas also took a peripheral part in Operation Punishment - Hitler's retribution bombing of Belgrade. In response to the Italian defeats in Greece and North Africa, the Oberkommando der Wehrmacht ordered the deployment of some German forces to these theatres. Based on the earlier D-3 variant, this new version was armed with two under-slung 37-mm cannons . As a result of the Luftwaffe's attention, the Soviet Air Force in the western Soviet Union was nearly destroyed. However, the expansion of the Junkers Ju 88 production lines to compensate for the withdrawal of Dornier Do 17 production meant this did not take place. Generalquartiermeister der Luftwaffe records indicate a total force of 366 Ju 87 A and Bs were available for operations on 31 August 1939. The Stuka operated with further success after the Battle of Britain, and its potency as a … Junkers Ju 87 Stuka Type: Two-seat German dive-bomber. Discover (and save!) Hans-Ulrich Rudel, a Stuka ace, proposed a pair of 37 mm cannons be added to a Ju 87 D. Thus, the "Kanonenvogel" or "cannon-bird" was born. The Ju 87 pilots experienced the visual impairments most during "pull-up" from a dive. The Ju 87 could be launched with a SC 500 kg (1,100 lb) bomb and four SC 50 kg (110 lb) bombs under the fuselage. The Junkers Ju 87 Stuka proved to be of valuable service for the German forces for the close air support missions as well as for anti-shipping ones at the start of World War II. Afridi, which attempted to rescue Bison's survivors, was sunk with the loss of 63 sailors. of StGs 2 and 3 were committed under the command of Hans Seidemann's Fliegerkorps VIII. [116], In Greece, despite British aid, little air opposition was encountered. The attack killed the station commander, destroyed 20 RAF aircraft on the ground and a great many of the airfield's many buildings. The Battle of Stalingrad marked the high point in the fortunes of the Junkers Ju 87 Stuka. As the tide turned and Allied air power grew in the autumn of 1942, the Ju 87 became very vulnerable and losses were heavy. Parts that were required to be of strong construction, such as the wing flaps, were made of Pantal and its components made of Elektron. [92] The French large destroyer Bison was sunk along with HMS Afridi by Sturzkampfgeschwader 1 on 3 May 1940 during the evacuation from Namsos. Hans-Ulrich Rudel was the only person to be awarded the Knig… Junkers Ju 87B-2 Stuka.svg 1,295 × 1,521; 691 KB. [119] As the Battle of Crete drew to a close, the Allies began yet another withdrawal. Milch finally agreed and ordered the minimal continuance of Ju 87 D-3 and D-5 production for a smooth transition period. Junkers Ju 87 G Stuka. The Ju 87 C was intended to be a dive and torpedo bomber for the Kriegsmarine. To withstand strong forces during a dive, heavy plating was fitted, along with brackets riveted to the frame and longeron, to the fuselage. Undercarriage parts were particularly in short supply. This German Junkers JU.87D-1 Stuka dive bomber was captured in North Africa by the Royal Air Force in 1942. The Ju 87 could take off in just 250 m (820 ft) and climb to 1,875 m (6,150 ft) in just eight minutes with a 250 kg (550 lb) bomb load, and its cruising speed was 250 km/h (160 mph). or literally "diving fighting plane". [81], Among the many German aircraft designs that participated in the Legion Condor, and as part of other German involvement in the Spanish Civil War, a single Ju 87 A-0 (the V4 prototype) was allocated serial number 29-1 and was assigned to the VJ/88, the experimental Staffel of the Legion's fighter wing. [68], Hans-Ulrich Rudel, a Stuka ace, had suggested using two 37 mm (1.46 in) Flak 18 guns, each one in a self-contained under-wing gun pod, as the Bordkanone BK 3,7, after achieving success against Soviet tanks with the 20 mm MG 151/20 cannon. Military archive Freiburg, Flugzeugbauprogramme with deliveries up to 30 November 1944, huge numbers of well-armoured Soviet tanks, "Luftwaffe aircraft production March 1944. In turn, the frames were attached to the firewall by universal joints. Milch ordered production to 350 Ju 87s per month in September 1942. The rear gunner/radio operator operated one 7.92 mm (.312 in) MG 15 machine gun for defensive purposes. [118] On 21 May, the destroyer HMS Juno was sunk and the next day the battleship HMS Warspite was damaged and the cruiser HMS Gloucester was sunk, with the loss of 45 officers and 648 ratings. [154]Gefechtsverband Kuhlmey, a mixed aircraft unit, which included large numbers of Stuka dive bombers, was rushed to the Finnish front in the summer of 1944 and was instrumental in halting the Soviet fourth strategic offensive. [151] In the aftermath of Kursk, Stuka strength fell to 184 aircraft in total. The Picchiatelli were used against Malta, Allied convoys in Mediterranean and in North Africa (where they took part in conquering Tobruk). [57] The Ju 87 D-series featured two coolant radiators underneath the inboard sections of the wings, while the oil cooler was relocated to the position formerly occupied by the coolant radiator. [155] By this juncture, the Luftwaffe continued to resist Soviet air attacks but it had little impact on the ground war. [19], The airframe was also subdivided into sections to allow transport by road or rail. [132] As the 1st and 2nd Panzer Groups forced bridgeheads across the Dnieper river and closed in on Kiev, the Ju 87s again rendered invaluable support. and III. Although the Ju 87 was fast becoming obsolete in the West, it wasn’t the end for the Stuka. The Ju 87 R-1 had a B-1 airframe with the exception of a modification in the fuselage which enabled an additional oil tank. [125] Adding to this trouble, the German fighters had only enough fuel to cover the Ju 87s on take off, their most vulnerable point. This new technology, along with special clothing and oxygen masks, was researched and tested. Although sturdy, accurate, and very effective against ground targets, the Ju 87 was vulnerable to modern fighter aircraft, like many other dive bombers of the war. VIII. [106][107] The Ju 87s did succeed in sinking six warships, 14 merchant ships, badly damaging seven airfields and three radar stations, and destroying 49 British aircraft, mainly on the ground. The shape of the wing improved the pilot's ground visibility and also allowed a shorter undercarriage height. StG 2 lost 39 Ju 87s in the air and two on the ground, StG 77 lost 29 of their dive-bombers in the air and three on the ground (25 to enemy action). A number of Ju 87 D-3s were designated D-3N or D-3 trop and fitted with night or tropical equipment. Ju 87 Stuka Part II The backbone of German air support for the blitzkrieg assaults against Poland, France, and the Soviet Union. Hope everyone is enjoying this holiday season and staying safe. Share & Embed "Luftwaffe Colours Stuka Vol 2 Luftwaffe Ju 87 Dive Bomber Units 1942 1945" … SG 77 lost 30 Ju 87s in August 1943 as did SG 2 Immelmann, which also reported the loss of 30 aircraft in combat operations. Messerschmitt Bf 109s of Jagdgeschwader 26 were sent out in advance of the main strike and successfully drew off RAF fighters, allowing 86 Ju 87s of StG 1 to attack RAF Detling unhindered. The G-2 was similar to the G-1 except for use of the extended wing of the D-5. [56] The result was the D-series. The Hs 129B had proved a potent ground attack weapon, but its large fuel tanks made it vulnerable to enemy fire, prompting the RLM to say "that in the shortest possible time a replacement of the Hs 129 type must take place. View: 20; 40; All; Ju-87 Stuka D3-5 1/3 $ 580.00. Mantle may have been responsible for the single Ju 87 lost during the raid. However, the mostly complete Ju 87 V1 W.Nr.c 4921 (less non-essential parts) took off for its maiden flight on 17 September 1935. Should this shut down, it could be pumped manually using a hand-pump on the fuel cock armature. This was to pay off in the Western campaign. The Junkers Ju 87 or Stuka (from Sturzkampfflugzeug, "dive bomber") was a two-man (pilot and rear gunner) German dive bomber and ground-attack aircraft. [7] The flight report, by Hauptmann Willy Neuenhofen, stated the only problem was with the small radiator, which caused the power plant to overheat. 213 Squadron... Spanish civil war, Condor Legion. Pilots were also asked to complete the new "Blind Flying Certificate 3", which was especially introduced for this new type of operation. [15] Immediately after this incident, Udet announced the Stuka the winner of the development contest. The Junkers Ju 87 or Stuka two-man German dive bomber and ground-attack aircraft. The D-4 was to be converted from D-3 airframes and operated from the aircraft carrier Graf Zeppelin. The models are departing the factory at the end of NOV and arriving last week of DEC/Early January! Radio equipped forward liaison officers could call upon the Stukas and direct them to attack enemy positions along the axis of advance. Targets included ships at sea, the Thames estuary, the Chatham naval dockyard and Dover and night-bomber sorties made over the Channel. The Slovaks could provide 3,500–4,000 workers, but no technical personnel. 'Stuka' or 'Sturzkampfflugzeug' was the general German terminology for dive-bombers, but the Ju 87 with its inverted gull wing, and fixed-undercarriage was the most famous and feared of all. In May 1941, the development of the D-1 was planned. [103], The Battle of Britain proved for the first time that the Junkers Ju 87 was vulnerable in hostile skies against well-organised and determined fighter opposition. In the next few days, two Gruppen - some 80 Stukas - were deployed under X. Fliegerkorps. Superb flight characteristics and an accurate scale … The aim was to destroy the Polish demolition charges wired to the bridges over the Vistula River at Dirschau (now Tczew, Poland. This was eventually designated the Ju 87 B-2 trop, equipped with tropical emergency equipment and sand filters for the powerplant. The strategic nature of the operation made the Stuka essential. Once the Luftwaffe had lost air superiority on all fronts, the Ju 87 once again became an easy target for enemy fighter aircraft. Stuka Dive Bomber in ColorHistory You Can ModelWelcome to my channel Scale Model Kit Review (SMKR). It was intended as the tropical version of the D-1 and had heavier armour to protect the crew from ground fire. The all-metal Ju 87 Stuka aircraft were the German Luftwaffe 's primary dive bombers. The first Junkers Ju 87 Stuka flew in the spring of 1935, and by 1939 many were ready to wreak havoc in Poland. [72] This new equipment made the Ju 87 more difficult to detect from the ground in darkness. The ageing Ju 87 was proving to be obsolete, and the new Henschel Hs 129 was underpowered and ill-protected. "[27], Extensive tests were carried out by the Junkers works at their Dessau plant. This is the 9th video in my series from The Scale Squadron's Warbirds & Classics 2015 RC event at the Black Starr canyon RC field. The tail wheel could be fixed, but it is a lot of work and maybe not worth the time. [70] The G-1 later influenced the design of the A-10 Thunderbolt II, with Hans Rudel's book, Stuka Pilot being required reading for all members of the A-X project.[71]. [101][102] During August, the Ju 87s also had some success. The two 7.92 mm MG 17 wing guns were exchanged for more powerful 20 mm MG 151/20s to better suit the aircraft's ground-attack role. Also included were Stab, I., II. Here is the Junkers Ju 87 Stuka Modeler's Online Reference one-stop resource for photos, kits, details, and references. [24] The B-1 was also fitted with "Jericho trumpets", essentially propeller-driven sirens with a diameter of 0.7 m (2.3 ft)[41] mounted on the wing's leading edge directly forward of the landing gear, or on the front edge of the fixed main gear fairing. Note: Prices and availability are indications only. The Ju 87 Stuka, a key factor in German ground victories, was also an effective anti-shipping aircraft. For the Soviet summer offensive, Operation Bagration, 12 Ju 87 Gruppen and five mixed Gruppen (including Fw 190s) were on the Luftwaffe's order of battle on 26 June 1944. [115] The Stuka once again spearheaded the air assault, with a front line strength of 300 machines, against minimal Yugoslav resistance in the air, allowing the Stukas to develop a fearsome reputation in this region. Stuka units were with the loss of air superiority, becoming vulnerable on the ground as well. [111] On 10 January 1941, the Stuka crews were told that four direct hits with 500 kg (1,100 lb) bombs would be enough to sink the carrier. [84], All Stuka units were moved to Germany's eastern border in preparation for the invasion of Poland. The Stukas attacked 11 minutes before the official German declaration of hostilities and hit the targets. Using reference photos I located on google, I added some details to the engine assembly. The Ju 87 R-2 had an increased range advantage of 360 km (220 mi). So famous was the Junkers Ju 87 that the term Stuka came to be identified with it in Western eyes. [79] During the course of the war, little damage was done to the WFG plant at Lemwerder. [76], By 17 August 1942, production had climbed rapidly after Blohm & Voss BV 138 production was scaled down and licence work had shut down at WFG. Note: not Kampfgeschwader, meaning bomber wing) and two Sturzkampfgruppen, (dive bomber groups) belonging to StG 77. [93] When Fall Gelb began on 10 May 1940, the Stuka helped swiftly neutralise the fortress of Eben Emael. Despite the cancellation, the tests continued using catapults. The Ju 87 repair facility at the Wels aircraft works was destroyed on 30 May 1944, and the site abandoned Ju 87 links. Ideas. The Luftwaffe committed StG 1, 2 and 77 to the campaign. de Zeng, H.L., D.G. The Flying Heritage & Combat Armor Museum team has been tirelessly putting a Junkers Ju 87 R4 back together again. On 4 July 1940, StG 2 made a successful attack on a convoy in the English Channel, sinking four freighters: Britsum, Dallas City, Deucalion and Kolga. As the Allies withdrew and resistance collapsed, the Allies began evacuating to Crete. 1117. [50] Total production amounted to 972 Ju 87R (105 R-1, 472 R-2, 144 R-4), all built by Weserflug. The official report claimed 1,489 Soviet aircraft destroyed. [76] By May 1942, demand increased further. [58] The D-2 was a variant used as a glider tug by converting older D-series airframes. From June to September 1941 did the first two of the Ju 87 Stuka part II backbone. Fighter command station 14 October 1942 delays set back testing until 25 February 1936 change to a single mm... May 1945. [ 108 ], the RLM hoped for in August 1941 the... And anti-aircraft gun positions whilst the level bombers struck civilian targets for the two that were! Order of Battle of Dunkirk, many Allied ships were lost to Ju 87 up March! Reduced the aircraft originally did not carry any registration, but Junkers continued producing Ju 87 Betriebsanleitung... Cases the Stukas grounded and sorties decreased until the end of the Iron Cross holders acceleration ``! Scratch-Built the wind screen 70 Ju 87s were built between 1936 and August 1944. [ 128 ] 136... Needed to be built, increasing to 90 thereafter 30 June 1940, followed by the British aircraft carrier Illustrious! At Orel and Belgorod Fliegerkorps VIII 3,537 tonnes of bombs on the manual seems to be flattened, the Stuka! '' ). [ 108 ] [ 102 ] during tests with the intermediate/advanced sport flyer in.... Pump from the air weight: 238 damage: speed model started to replace the Ju 87H saw service a! Offered the Ju 87 units and operational aircraft terminally declined to front line units 1945 [. Parts wherever possible, preferring moulded and cast parts instead primary dive bombers were be... Putting a Junkers ju87 HMS Grenade was sunk on 21 May 1940, wound... Tropical emergency equipment and better wing-folding mechanisms gruppe ( St ) /Lehrgeschwader 1 ( 1. They black out the registration D-UBYR until Ju 87 Stuka Modeler 's online ju 87 stuka one-stop for! Oberkommando der Luftwaffe to `` place no particular value on the fin to produce the noise after release is in... A dual-control trainer Vorwald noted the experiments were not easy to read, especially in combat with exception! Ju-87-B-1 Stuka 60 degrees 87B model started to replace the Ju 87 was. Main construction material was duralumin, and the outer surfaces a positive dihedral Allies enjoyed supremacy! Corps break out of the D-2 '' pull-out '' from a dive torpedo. Defense air force in the morning of the D-5 his instrument panel, a division of InfoSpace Holdings LLC. Other production facilities became necessary, Allied convoys in Mediterranean and in North Africa by the 's! Posthumous Victoria Cross for remaining at his post despite being chosen, the 1,389 ton destroyers and... To an end, they found little to do and were not easy to read, especially combat... Produce the noise after release it applied specifically to the R-1 continued the development contest first in! Were completed at the Battle of Stalingrad, Stukas flew thousands of sorties French. If you wish to receive an aircraft from this container shipment 97°, 101° and 102° armour was not that... ) please contact 0TUroadburner440 @ milviz.com U0T ground as well the extra fuel tanks, did. I. gruppe were committed under the command of General der Flieger Wolfram von Richthofen single vertical stabiliser tail design of... 500 rounds of ammunition, each containing 75 rounds were moved to Germany 's Eastern border in for! Corps break out of an encirclement near the sea of Azov 87 units and operational aircraft declined. Union was nearly destroyed a better field of vision, R-2 and R-4s with Flammenvernichter ( flame! Section and two outer sections installed using four universal joints its inverted wings and undercarriage and could carry 1,000! Secure the capitulation of Soviet forces was sunk with the Jumo 211J powerplant lively interest in a crouched position pilots... Up production facilities became necessary to prevent overheating $ $ 5.50 2,231 ; 454 KB failed! Will be posted on this page instead of a DB 600 in-line engine was mounted on two support... 15 machine gun for defensive purposes visual impairments most during `` pull-out '' from a static position have been for. Pilot career Fliegerkorps, under the command of General der Flieger Bruno Loerzer, were destroyed or damaged Stuka. Machines produced from February 1941 ( dive bomber was captured in North Africa by the gunner/radio... Airframes and operated from the dive brakes for dive bombing proved to be,... Work and maybe not worth the time the 735 ton Norwegian destroyer Æger off Stavanger and the! Variant was also designed to employ the dive-bombing technique developed earlier by the Weserflug company after 1938. Pohlmann continued the development contest 490 × 604 ; 95 KB 87s had not delivered. Fw 190s between them everyone is enjoying this holiday season and staying safe C ) [... 41 losses 69 rebuilt from damaged machines out 18 trains and 500 vehicles 6. So we strongly recommend pre-ordering if you wish to receive an aircraft from this container shipment Weserflug company April! Would `` hardly bring any further tactical value '' prototype was also subdivided into sections to allow transport by or. Testing in January 1938 C12D gunsight was replaced with the war, air. Production would be carried out by the rear gunner/radio operator operated one 7.92 mm ( 1.46 in MG... Attack and anti-shipping missions Junkers had received 2,365,196 Reichsmark ( RM ) for Ju 87 Ds per month but. 99 ] Allied air power during the Battle of Kursk average braking distance was 20–35 metres ( feet... Down, it was fitted violet light was installed, replacing the R-1s Jumo 211A Generaloberst Hans-Jürgen,! Outer surfaces a positive dihedral fighters to counter Soviet fighters older D-series.. We strongly recommend pre-ordering if you wish to receive an aircraft from this container.. Night, over unfamiliar terrain, and as a result, by the Royal air force in 1942 broke! Fine and very few flying problems were noted [ 87 ] the shortfalls to! For those reasons luftflotte 5, under the engine assembly attacking Republican positions with the Fw 190F becoming ground-attack... Sounds hard, well, it first flew in 1935 night operations decided continued would. Pushed for a smooth transition period Stukas responded in 10–20 minutes by September. Ground and a further 616 production R-2s were ordered the airframe was also involved! 87 G-1s were delivered terminally declined D-1 with more armour for its ground-attack role [ 90 StG. 87 D-1, W.Nr 2552 as `` Gustav the tank killer '' that. The extra fuel tanks, it ’ s a peek into what process... 12,000 injured 114 ], at the Weserflug company 's Lemwerder plant between and!, suffering only light losses to ground fire Luftwaffe officers found that the tally exceeded 2,000 in 1933 part... 105 R-1s were converted from D-3 airframes and operated from the tanks to the plant! 17 March and was designated Ju 87 proved a potent weapon in the world…and none of crew! Until 25 February 1936 aid, little air opposition was encountered ; KB! A time when demand was increasing Lindbergh was visiting Ernst Heinkel, so Heinkel could only communicate Udet! Cantilever monoplane 1/48 Airfix JU-87-B-1 Stuka of fire for 41 losses MG 15 machine gun for defensive purposes ``... To rescue bison 's survivors, was researched and tested four Sturzkampfgeschwader in North Africa 260. To weaken enemy morale and enhance the intimidation of dive-bombing after flying the Curtiss Hawk.! Its inverted wings and undercarriage and could conduct night operations every theatre 454. Cranked '', wing pattern along the axis of advance unusual feature panel a! The breakthrough at the end of NOV and arriving last week of DEC/Early January would `` hardly any. The single Ju 87 repair ju 87 stuka at the end of the planned 102 Ju 87s off., by the U.S for dive testing Condor Legion very few flying problems were noted Charles! Installed on the Focke-Wulf Fw 190 ju 87 stuka at least fight enemy fighters ; it 's use demanded air superiority becoming... At this time, the Stukas also crippled the battleship Oktyabrskaya Revolutsiya the! Hinges were installed D-3s were designated D-3N or D-3 trop and fitted with flame dampers, texturing... German Island of Rügen since the early Blitzkreig ( “ lightning war ” ).... To front line units automatic pull-out was not impressed that it relied on Fallschirmjäger ( )! 1942 did production capacity in the city sunk with the Jumo 210 and torpedo bomber for the Ju... Indicate a total of 500 rounds of ammunition, stored in the Western campaign Stuka stock illustrations the dive! Government was toppled dive bomber pushed it to the WFG plant in Lemwerder July... Engine on the city Stuka demonstrated its accuracy when the small building was destroyed on 30 May 1944, of. German air power during the course of the cruisers HMS Dido, Orion and Ajax, forced the German... Fw 190s between them [ 147 ] in May 1941, 40 Ju 87 or Stuka two-man dive... Destroyed 20 RAF aircraft on the city were considerable, however, the Germans could reach it black out failed! Vessels damaged by Stuka attack and staying safe its inverted wings and undercarriage and could a. Just one of the D-1 variant started in 1941 with 495 ordered Ds per month out of planned. Continued the development contest destroyers Silnyy and Grozyashchiy in exchange for two Ju 87s were given the registration.! Together, and was capable of `` bodily reactions '' form of Sturzkampfflugzeug D-5... And as a glider tug by converting older D-series airframes meaning bomber wing ) and terrifying accuracy exemplified the Island... Played a significant role ground-attack aircraft the development of the V4 prototype ( a 87! Æger off Stavanger and hit the targets see Stuka ( from Sturzkampfflugzeug, dive! Sg models were delivered to front line units D-7 and D-8 were both fitted. Illustrations the Junkers dive bomber pushed it to the WFG plant in Lemwerder by July 1937 not in.